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Apology to my tumblr buddy

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dear Tumblr Buddy,

I am SO sorry for taking a ridiculously and inexcusably long amount of time to post these pics of the gift you sent me during (Australian) summer. I loved the present. I wore the sunnies til they stretched (and then I fixed them, phew) and I’m wearing the shoes a lot. The dress is great too - I’m adjusting it a bit. 

A few things came apart around the same time. My camera broke late last year - finally it got fixed in March. My email got hacked, and I lost the account - I haven’t had any non-work account emails in months. I never managed to recover the account. TB, and all friends, if you emailed me lately and received no reply - sorry. (My new email is my first and second name together at gmail, by the way…). With the camera out, and no email (plus I lost FB access, apart from on my iPod), I kind of went offline. This is the first time I have used my laptop for non-work since Christmas.

I thought life would get better this year, and it hasn’t. I’ve disliked my job and disliked life outside of work for so long that eventually I’ve arrived at the point where I dislike myself too. I haven’t been doing outfit posts because I don’t want to see myself. 

I wish this post were a sign of being over all that - but actually, the camera is fixed and I’m guilt-ridden over not having posted these TB present photos sooner. I’m really sorry for being so slow on the photo upload, TB.

To any friends reading this, regarding my stuck-in-dried-cement problem; don’t worry. If I’m not sorted out job-wise and in a new city by end of June, I’ll be giving away my dog (ouch) and moving to somewhere (who knows where) and job hunting. I’ll get unstuck soon. In the meantime; sorry for being offline.

Sorry again TB. I’m so out of contact with everything online, I don’t even know if Tumblr Buddies is still rolling or over?? If/when it is over - would love if you could contact me with your details so I can send you something from Laos.


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Daggy photo, but I want to document the END (yay) of 2011. 

2012 is going to be my lucky year

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My tumblr buddy is amazing! I came home from dinner with friends to find this surprise floral-crockery arrangement.

T.B. - my friends asked how could you know my taste so well? Good job!

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I got a package from my Tumblr Buddy (a while ago, I’m slow to post - sorry TB). How exciting! Whoever she is, she clicked on to what I like pretty fast! Vintage scarves (one is tied onto my bag, and the other in the photo below) and a toy for the Poodle. Poodle LOVES the toy - but too much so. Pablo the Platypus is now in dog-toy hospital getting his stuffing stuffed back in and his side sewn up. Don’t worry – he is up for another few rounds of being whipped about and flung in the air.

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Featuring the vintage gold rose brooch

Worn: Monday, 31st October 2011

It’s been a while between posts on this blog. Let’s blame work.

Top: Forever 21, Bangkok; Skirt: vintage from Modern Vintage, Camden, London; Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, London; Rose brooch: vintage, Brick Lane Markets, London; Watch: Seiko

Photos by Saeng

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Outfits for Australian Springtime

Saturday, 22nd October 2011

It’s Spring in Australia. I really miss home, so I did some e-window shopping for what I’d be wearing if I was in Perth, enjoying the mild sun, blue skies and wildflowers.

Clockwise: Pudding Pie Bag, Modcloth; Floral Lace Dress, Forever 21; While You Waited Floral Dress, Modcloth; Purr-fect Pairing Bolero, Modcloth; Sandy Dandy Heel, Modcloth

All items are under $55. I really love that cream lace dress!

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Pumpkin season

Worn: Thursday, 14th October 2011

Iris from 260 Days, No Repeats is hosting a visual Fashion Beauty Friend Friday link up. She asked us to wear a quintessential Fall outfit. 

I’ve always been interested/amused/confused by the American obsession with seasons. Americans even mark time by seasons (American colleague: “Remember the field trip we did in the Spring?” Me: “Spring, in Laos… would be… when?!”). I think Fall is the most talked about season by Americans (Europeans seem more interested in Summer). Fall - Autumn - is not a significant season in Perth, where I’m from. The leaves stay on our evergreen trees, and the weather is just not quite hot, not quite cold. Spring makes itself known through the amazing wildflowers; summer is hot and dry, with burning sunshine and a revered sea breeze; and cold temperatures identifies winter, despite the continuous blue skies. 

I spent a year driving in a van across the United States and Canada. I experienced the spring wildflowers in the Utah Canyonlands, summer in the west coast and Midwest, and, at the end of my trip, autumn in Vermont and Quebec. Finally I understood the northern American obsession with Fall! The colour of the fallen leaves was incredible, the forest canopy was a mass of green, yellow, golden and red leaves. 

Top: Chatuchak Market, Bangkok; Shorts: KT Fashion, Vientiane; Scarf: H&M, Beijing; Shoes: store in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia; Sunnies: Dorothy Perkins, London; Hat: Camden Markets, London

This post on seasons is timely. Here in Laos it is Boat Racing Festival, which marks the end of the wet season: a transitional time of hot dry weather with occasional storms. In Laos the seasons blend into one another. It’s been raining endlessly, but somehow, the days are getting dry and hot, by December the temperatures will cool a little, then rise again in March, and before I know it, the rains will return.

In a nod to the northern hemisphere, I wore colours that suggest Fall (turning leaves, pumpkin, rich spices). And… ate some pumpkin pie at the Canadian-owned cafe.

Saeng also wore pumpkin colours at Boat Racing.

I really miss the Australian spring, the current season. I miss the wildflowers and the salty sea breeze. 

Do seasons have an impact on your year? Is the lack of seasonal change in Laos the reason that time slips by me, unmarked? 

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The citrusy floral muumuu

Worn: Tuesday, 11th October 2011

Did you see the latest trend, on show at the recent NY Fashion Week - pyjamas as outerwear? If pyjamas can be day-wear, then I’m allowed to start a new trend: muumuus as work-wear

At first I wasn’t convinced this was a muumuu. Maybe just casual beach wear? But then I googled muumuu and came up with: “a loose dress that hangs from the shoulders… brilliantly coloured with floral patterns of generic Polynesian motifs.”

Er… that describes half of my wardrobe?

Can we make muumuus-to-work a new trend? Or is it only going to work in say, Laos and Fiji? 

Dress Muumuu: Tesco, Bangkok (yup, its a high end muumuu); Cardi: Temt, Australia; Belt: sidewalk stall, Siam Square, Bangkok; Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, online; Sunnies: Forever New, Australia; Watch: Seiko

Photos by Saeng

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High tea in Bangkok

Last week, I went with friends for high tea at the Mandarin Oriental, on the river in Bangkok.

We took a boat across the river, and walked through the lovely grounds of the hotel.

High tea was served in the Authors’ Lounge.

The high tea was soooo good.

We left in the early afternoon, and the sun was sparkling golden on the Chao Phraya. Magic. 

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Poolside: urban tropicana

Worn: Monday, 3rd October 2011

This is my favourite dress at the moment. I think I wore it three times this week. It’s a vintage dress, I’m guessing 1970’s, which I picked up at Chatuchak Market the last time I was in Bangkok.

How nice is the tropicana pool-side garden in amongst the high rises at this Bangkok hotel?

Dress: vintage, Chatuchak Market, Bangkok; Shoes: Candish, Tokyo

Rings - owl: present from Monique; red: Holland; rose: sidewalk stall, Siam Square, Bangkok 

Photos by Monique